Iludeco was founded in 2011 under the corporate name NOS PRENDE LO QUE HACEMOS, S.A. DE C.V. and under the trade name CASA LUMINA. We started with two stores in Andares Zapopan and in the south of the ZMG, Tlajomulco with an interior design scheme and sale of traditional lighting.

NOS PRENDE LO QUE HACEMOS SA DE CV under the trade name CASA LUMINA was acquired by a new shareholding group.



CASA LUMINA closes its branch in the south of the city and focuses its attention on opening the first online lighting store in Mexico.

CASA LUMINA sells 50% of its shares to a new partner. That same year, "LUMINA PROYECTOS" was created, specialized in lighting projects.



The last shareholding group takes full control of the company and changes the commercial name to Iludeco. Name that in a very short time would become a reference in the industry. That same year the offices of Baja California Sur were opened.

TECNOLITE acquires Iludeco online store and Iludeco decides to focus on large-scale projects. That same year, offices were opened in Querétaro.



Iludeco opens offices in Mexico City to strengthen its presence in the capital of the country. Also, the offices in Riviera Nayarit are opened to serve the hospitality and luxury residences sector. A new division of sales to the government and public work it’s generated, successfully closing contracts that same year.

Iludeco consolidates its position in services such as electrical and civil work, a commercial alliance is created to enter a large public tenders and opens offices in Guanajuato. At the end of 2020, offices will be opened in the Riviera Maya to better serve the south east area.




At Iludeco we support Hellen Keller, a civil society organization (OSC). It is an integrated educational community, by professionals, parents and volunteers interested in promoting the integral development of people with visual disabilities and other associated disabilities. Just by closing our eyes we can understand what our life would be like if we couldn't see. Share your light and your vision with those who didn’t ask to live in this condition. Close your eyes and open your heart. Your gift can transform many lives. You can support Hellen Keller through the program "We shine with your light" with monthly donations to the Institution: Economically (via credit card, bank deposit, or going to our facilities). You can also help with volunteer work, contributing time and spreading among your friends and family about the Helen Keller School.


Iludeco is a proud sponsor or godfather of: